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Research Paper
An effective engineer must be able to document the process steps, findings and meaning associated with their work. The code of ethics for every engineering discipline requires that each engineer continually develop their skills and knowledge as well at adding to the discipline Body of Knowledge. For that reason, we will focus significant attention on how an engineer can gain or enhance skills in conducting research and communicating the research and findings in a manner that is acceptable to their engineering discipline. Knowledge and skills are necessary elements of a successful engineer’s portfolio, however, they are insufficient without the ability to credibly communicate that same knowledge and skills, as well as accomplishments, to an engineer’s disciplinary community. With this background information in mind, each ENMA 480 student must conduct research and write a research paper on a topic relevant to Engineering Ethics. Significant leeway is provided in topic selection – the student should select a topic that holds personal interest. All submissions must be posted on Blackboard – email will not suffice.
Research Paper Assignment Objectives:
This semester, each student should be able demonstrate appropriate writing skills in all assignments. In addition, the semester research paper project will enhance a prospective engineer’s ability to:
Clearly state a focused research question related to a specific research area
Identify relevant knowledge and credible sources to motivate a research question
Synthesize information and multiple viewpoints related to a research question
Apply appropriate research methods to test a research question
Apply appropriate analyses to research data
Formulate conclusions that are logically tied to results
Consider applications, limitations, and implications of results
Reflect on or evaluating what was learned

Research Paper Guidelines:
The research paper should investigate a topic relevant to Engineering Ethics. Please refer to the rubric for the Research Paper – the rubric is posted on Blackboard in the Research Paper Folder. The paper should be adequately researched and should include a variety of sources that may include primary research, scholarly journals, peer-reviewed papers, industry magazines and journals, books, newspapers. Articles taken from the Internet, that are not peer-reviewed, are forbidden (for example Blogs or Wikipedia). The body of the paper must be between 12-15 pages long, must include a listing of References (a Bibliography), with line spacing of 2 spaces and written to the standards of the APA 6th Edition style manual. Be aware of and comply with the University’s Policy on Plagiarism.
You may learn more about style manuals at: or
The paper will be graded based on the quality and originality of the content, correctness of grammar and spelling, proper use of style and the overall organization of the paper. The paper should reflect the scholarship expected from a university undergraduate student. The requirements and grading scale for the paper are shown, in detail, in the Research Paper rubric posted in the Research Paper Folder of Blackboard..
You may select one of several approaches for the paper:
Historical Context: You may decide to try to explain how certain events in recent history have made a lasting impression on U.S. or global businesses. For example: What is the effect of the Japanese quality movement of the 1980’s on American organizations in the 2005?
Cause-and-Effect: You may decide to select a topic and establish a causal link. For example: Do sociopathic bosses cause ethical problems in organizations?
Compare-and-Contrast: You may decide to compare and contrast two theories of organizational behavior. For example: Is Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory of Motivation consistent with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?
Solution to a Problem: You may decide to describe a problem and formulate a solution based on expert opinion. For example: How Can Organizations Develop Future Leaders?
Persuasion: You may decide to pick a topic and try to persuade the audience of the wisdom of your approach. For example: A Financial Reward System is More Predictable as a Motivator of Human Behavior than Praise and Recognition.

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