Research paper on Security and Enterprise Systems

Assignment (Master’s Students)
The Subject is ” Security and Enterprise Systems”
Part 2: Write the outline of the topic – a 2-3 page structure if your
report..(finished )(I will send copy for you to remember) .
Part 3: Write a 10 – 15 page report examining your chosen topic in depth.
Include references, which must be to Academic Standard, (see the links below for guides
and assistance). Wikipedia is not acceptable as a source in this assignment.
This assignment is to be 10 pages minimum, and 15 pages maximum. More than
15 is too many, and will not be assessed. Any sources or attributions in your
referencing must be additional to this. The cover page and TOC are also
additional to this. An Executive Summary or an Introduction is expected, and will
be counted as content.

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