Research Report

A research report is an outcome of intelligent reading of various literature materials devoted to a specific question or problem. It is important to plan well and thoroughly research for the report because it is of importance on the results of the final grade.

Research report serves various academic purposes, including summing up and crowning an academic source. They also nurture independent and writing skills through the use of various relevant information sources. They also prepare students for consequent and large scale research.

  • Picking a topic – one should choose a relevant topic for the research project, which is neither too shallow or too broad.
  • Commence of background research. This entails going through various scholarly journals, textbooks, articles, etc. these sources should be organized well in order to be able to work with them efficiently.
  • Read your literature. This will play a key role in skimming, scanning and keyword spotting techniques towards ensuring relevant information is picked.
  • Draft research report. This involves creating a framework of the paper as a way of ensuring the task is dealt with effectively.
  • After finishing the draft, it should be edited, proofread, and worked on the references.

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