Reservoir Assessment/Analytical Study Presentation

Every student to be assigned a production field with the following link as a starting point, however,
not limited to
UK Field Production Data
From the inclass learning into reservoir engineering, assess the following but not limited to…
Field Lithology
Historic and current production trends
Mechanisms of production and their details
Developmental strategy (if applicable)
Students must submit a report prior to their presentation, which should not be more than 1000
words and based primarily on their field of study. The same report can be used to prepare a
presentation in powerpoint, however it shouldn’t be a copy and paste of the same report but
presented in bullet points. The presentation should usually not exceed more than 10 pages.
Write a summary of around 1000 words discussing the nature of the field from the
available data, Alder Field: [please refer to screen shots

  1. The student must first do a basic research about the field on Google and from the
    website provided and describe what is the lithology of the reservoir and where is it
    located on the map. [2 Marks]
  2. History of the reservoir, e.g. if it is primarily an oil bearing formation or gas and what
    were the OOIP/OGIP? To be calculated and provided from references available and than
    compared to the data. The EUR estimated at the beginning of the field discovery and
    developmental stage. [4 Marks]
  3. Discussing the Field results from the data available as illustrated in the screen shots
    provided. These must be discussed and debated in the report, what are the trends
    in the data and the possible reasons. One needs to incorporate the inclass learning
    from lectures, tutorials into your report.
    MBE to be used to know the mechanism of production, calculating production
    Indices to understand and to quantify these mechanisms. Fluid flow regimes and
    Decline rates to be found out and reported.
    [12 Marks]
  4. A note on the future production of the field.
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