Responsible Leadership

The aim of this assessment is for you to critically analyse a responsible and sustainable business. The business needs to be local and demonstrate responsible leadership. You can choose from the following organisations or choose your own.

Possible organisations:

  • Orange Sky Laundry – Founders: Nic Marchesi and Lucas Patchett
  • STREAT – Founders: Rebecca Scott & Kate Barrelle
  • Keep Cup – CEO: Abigail Forsyth
  • Who Gives a Crap – Co-Founder Simon Griffiths
  • Foodbank
  • Australian Ethical Investment
  • Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure – named as in the top 10 of the Annual Review of the State of CSR

in Australia and New Zealand 2016

  • Our Community – one of the top 5 responsible businesses according to BCorp Assessment


  1. Describe what Responsible Leadership is, referring to the theories on responsible leadership
  2. Present an overview of the organisation and why you chose it
  3. In what ways does this business and/or the business leaders show responsible leadership?
  4. What challenges have they faced in terms of staying true to their mission and how have they dealt with them?
  5. What suggestions could you make to ensure the organisation continues to be successful and responsible?
  6. What have you learned about Responsible Leadership from undertaking this assignment?
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