Reverse supply chains and carbon footprint – how are they related? Analyse critically.

Individual Research Report (50%)
The purpose of this assignment is to develop your capability to understand supply chain sustainability concepts, methods,
and frameworks. On this assignment, you will write a research report of 2500 +10% (if needed) words based on review of
relevant literature on the following topic:
(Written report: A4, typed on one side, one-and-a half spaced, font 12 (Times New Roman) plus reference pages
and appendix). (References, Appendices, figures and tables are not included in word count)

• Reverse supply chains and carbon footprint – how are they related? Analyse critically.

You are required to conduct a thorough literature search (academic journals) in order to prepare the research
report. It is expected that you will follow the following guidelines while preparing your report:
1. Introduction (about 1 page)
• Introduce your topic of research.
• Discuss aims and objectives of the research.
• Highlight the plan of the report.
2. Literature search (about 7 pages)
• Conduct a thorough search on the topic of research. For this you are required to search journals (mainly
academic). Develop a database of the articles in the chosen topic area. Your objective is to provide up-to-date
information on the chosen topic in a systematic manner. It is expected that you will address the following
• Summary of the literature – basic summary of the chosen articles
• Group materials under few meaningful themes and critically analyse and discuss
• Identify the practical and theoretical implications of your findings
• Build your arguments based on the evidence from published cases and empirical studies.
3. Conclusions and suggestions for future research (about 2 pages)
• Conclusion based on your findings
• Future direction.
4. References
• Provide a list of references and refer these appropriately in the report
• Include a content page and an executive summary of the report (between 1/3 and ½ a page)
• Choose a topic.
• Locate relevant sources (databases, academic journals). You are expected to refer to refereed (peer
reviewed) academic papers.
• Identify relevant literature (15-20 relevant journal articles).

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