Part A Written or oral Questions
1. When identifying the risks, why should you do the following:
 Identify the context for risk management
 Identify risks using tools, ensuring all reasonable steps have to identify
 Doucument identified risks in accordance with relevant policies, procedures, legislation and standards? (15 marks)
 2. When analysing and evaluating the risks, why should you do the following: Analyse and document risks in consultation with relevant stakeholders
 Undertake risk categorisation and determine level of risk
 Document analysis processes and outcomes? (15 marks)
Part B Written Assessment
Take an example of a situation of risk that you have previously managed in the or have been involved with, and explain your risk management processes and treatment plan the risk. (at your work place in a restaurant ,hotel as emoplyee )
You should also include the following in your answer:
1. Details of the risk situation (5 marks)
2. Who you needed to communicate with during the work undertaken, including relevant stakeholders, colleagues and management (5 marks)
3. The research and analysis made and how you presented your findings (20 marks)
4. List the all identified risks in work areas by using Risk Register Form (15 marks)
5. Did you need to refer areas of risk to others, due to the risk being under another work area (5 marks)
6. What legislative and organisational policies/procedures that you needed to consider for your risk management (20marks)

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