Security and Enterprise Systems

The Subject is “Security and Enterprise Systems”
Part 1: Write the outline of the topic – a 2-3 page structure of your report.
PDF file to be uploaded to FLO before the deadline.
It must have standard margins, single spacing, and no more than one line gap between
paragraphs. Arial/Helvetica fonts only, size 12 for the main content (headers etc size 14-16
only). Nothing else will be accepted.
You should include your name and student number on the TOP LEFT HAND Side only.
There may be diagrams, but they must be additional to the actual content.
It is to be a standard Report format, (see the links below for guides and assistance).
Overuse of whitespace will be penalised (see the links below for guides and assistance).
Referencing Assistance
• Harvard Guide
• EndNote (integrates with Microsoft Word, available to students)
• Zotero (free alternative, online tool with Word & Libre/OpenOffice integration)
• SILC: Study & Writing Guides
• SILC: Referencing
Writing Style Assistance
• SILC Writing Guide
• SILC Report Outline
• Report Writing Support
• Elements of Style

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