Note that the tools and techniques used in the assignment for CORP2165 are not the focus of this assignment and are unlikely to be of major relevance.

The Individual Report


Please note the following:

All written work must be typed, single sided

Line spacing 1.5

Font should be Arial point 12


Select a service organisation of your own choice, or a part of such an organisation if this is more appropriate, from the UK. For example, you might consider one of the following:


  • A supermarket
  • A fast-food outlet
  • An educational service
  • A tourist attraction
  • A bank or building society
  • A gym or sports centre.


For your chosen operation produce a written report.


The report should address the following tasks.


  1. Describe the service concept of the organisation.
  2. Explain how the operations of the organisation contribute to the functioning of the service concept.
  3. Assess how well the operations implement the service concept (A diagram may be needed).
  4. Suggest how both the concept and the delivery system might be improved. If you do not see any areas for improvement in these areas, argue a convincing case from an operations management point of view for maintaining the status quo. (A diagram may be needed).


Answers should be in a report format. Number of words: 2500 + or – 10% (excluding diagrams and appendices). You should include concepts and diagrams covered in the module and also include at least ten academic references.

Good reports demonstrate the following features:


  1. They deal with operations management topics which are covered in the programme and which are relevant to the situation under discussion
  2. They provide a thought-out analysis of the operation
  3. They show evidence of personal features such as wider reading, research, original thinking and an organised approach.


Final Report Assessment Criteria


Individual Report – Assignment Weighting 50%




Description of the service concept


Explanation of the role of operations


Assessment of the implementation of the service concept


Suggested improvements or the case

for no-change


Referencing 10%
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