Some theorists argue that globalization will inevitably lead to democratization


In undertaking research for this essay you should utilise relevant materials from the unit Reader but you are also required to use a minimum of three additional sources. You will need to undertake library and/or online searches to locate additional sources that are relevant to your topic. All three additional sources should come from academic books and/or journals and you may choose to use sources from reputable media outlets (you may use Chinese language sources as long as they meet these conditions). All sources cited in your bibliography must have been utilised in a meaningful way within your essay. Marks will be deducted for the listing of irrelevant or under-utilised sources.

Your essay must employ one of the accepted systems for citation (footnotes, or author/date). It is up to you which to use as long as you remain consistent throughout the essay. Of course, you must also provide a bibliography listing all the sources used in your research for the essay. When you submit your essay, it must have a School of Languages and Cultures ‘cover sheet’ completed and signed by you. For general advice on essay writing and referencing please also see the folder ‘assessment information’ on the unit website.

Late submission of work: Unless Prior approval for an extension has been authorised by the instructor, all late written work will be penalized 2% for each day late. Approval for extensions will only be granted if documentation of illness or other extenuating circumstances is provided. Documentation of approval for extensions must be attached.
Essay topics:

1. Some theorists argue that globalization will inevitably lead to democratization.Discuss how accurate this argument is in relation to China.
2. Do you think China’s workforce has suffered as a result of globalization?
3. China’s three ‘global cities’–Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing–play an importantrole in distributing the benefits of globalization to the rest of the nation. Discuss their role.
4. In what way has the internet changed China?
5. Who have benefited from globalization in China?
6. Is China a threat to global security?
7. Do you think globalization has led to an upsurge of nationalism within China’s population?

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