This is an individual assignment involving a real world situation. It should reflect your ability in explaining and analysing the nature of the ethical issue(s) or dilemma(s) involved in the case. You are expected to use key ethics concepts/theories/principles/professional codes and standards (particularly CFA codes and standards) to analyse the business and/or finance ethics.

The case is about Starbucks using a clustering tactic to get their competition removed from the market and their business environment. The study is based on the article provided in the link:

If you have any questions, PLEASE! chat with me before the work is started! thank you!

– Provide a title for your case;
– Provide an overview of the case;
– Explain the nature of the ethical issue(s) or dilemma(s) involved in the case;
– Who are the stakeholders and perform a stakeholder analysis? Were there any ethical dilemma faced by stakeholders and management? Was there conflict of interests between the individuals and public in the case study? What were the impacts or consequences of the ethical dilemma or issue(s) on the local and global communities? How did the situation develop from the stakeholders’ point of view? From the manager’s point of view? From your point of view as an outside observer or professional?
– Evaluate existing actions and decisions in addressing the dilemma and issue(s). In addition, search for the code of ethics of your selected company (most are published online). Analyse it in light of the different ethics perspectives using CFA code of ethics and standard of practice to determine whether the code of ethics provide any insight into ethical issue(s) or dilemma(s).
– What were the lesson(s) learnt from this case study?
– Discuss how the historical and/or cultural contexts; legislative and/or institutional structure; or other factors may have shaped ethical perspective in your case study as compared to case studies previously analysed in tutorial or lecture in this unit.
– How can the company/companies improves its ethical compliance? Highlight the importance of ethical and professional conduct in the setting of your case study and propose solutions and strategies on how such conduct can be encouraged or cultivated to contribute to the public good within the local and global communities;
– Include a conclusion summarising your points;
– Please ensure that you provide well-reasoned justifications, apply or refer to relevant ethical concepts, principles, theories, code and/or standards in addressing issue(s) or dilemma(s), supporting your arguments, and recommending solution(s);
– Students are expected to analyse the issues involved based on their own research, facts, and using appropriately cited references as evidence. You are expected to incorporate book, academic journal articles and business publications (such as business journals, newspapers and periodicals) from the library e-journal sources (example, Business Source Complete, Emerald full text, Academic Search Premier, Jstor Business, etc.). Additionally, surf the websites, company reports and general literature on companies involved in the ethical issue(s) or dilemma(s);
– Information sources may include (but should not restrict to) the following specific ethics journals for your research:
● Business Ethics Quarterly,
● Business Ethics – A European Review,
● Business and Society,
● Business and Society Review,
● Economics and Philosophy,
● Ethics,
● International Journal of Ethics,
● Journal of Business Ethics,
● Journal of Corporate Citizenship.

Please ensure appropriate headings are used in your report to guide assessment such as:
• Introduction
• Background
• Stakeholders
• Ethical issue(s) and/or dilemma
• Application of CFA code of ethics and standard of practice
• Recommendation
• Conclusion
• References/Bibliography

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