Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Key Assignment criteria
1.     Relevance of your answer to the question or task set

2.     All parts of the question addressed

3.     Use of real life examples from businesses


·                     Argument-

1.     Well developed

2.     Logical planning and sequence

3.     Supporting documentation for arguments


·                  Wider reading-

1.     Comprehensive coverage reflecting engagement with set readings, text(s) and other relevant materials

2.     The assignment  has been researched widely and skilfully from a range of sources


·                  Presentation-

1.     Overall presentation, including correct grammar, spelling and punctuation

2.     Use of inclusive language

3.     Clarity of expression



1.          Use of Harvard style

2.          In text references (author, date, page)

3.          Quotations

4.          Reference list

·         Alphabetical order

·         Consistency and accuracy in how the sources are referenced

·         Matches in-text references


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