Systems Safety Engineering

ENGG7020 Systems Safety Engineering
Preliminary Literature Review
Semester 2, 2015
School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering
The University of Queensland
To gain knowledge of real-life system safety issues, in particular computer-related
safety issues. To develop skills in writing annotated bibliographies, and in locating
and citing references.
Friday 21 August 2015 at 5 pm.
Late assignments will attract a penalty of 20% per day.
What you have to do:
This is an individual assignment.
Identify a topic for the Literature Review assignment (due week 12) and identify 5-7
research papers related to the topic and, for each paper, write a 70-100 word summary
of what the paper covers.
Use only papers that have been peer-reviewed and published. This can include journal
papers, (peer-reviewed) conference papers and book chapters. Full bibliographic
references must be given for each paper.
IEEE style should be used when citing references.
Suggested sources
Suggestions for places to search for papers are given on the BlackBoard pages,
including the Safety Critical Systems Virtual Library. See the BlackBoard pages also
for other hints and suggestions on writing an annotated bibliography.
Reports must be submitted via Blackboard (using TurnItIn). The submission is to be a
single file. The format of the document should be PDF and should use standard 11
point fonts with at least 2 cm margins on all sides.
School Policy on Student Misconduct:
You are required to read and understand the School Statement on Misconduct,
available on the School’s website at:

Evaluation and Assessment Criteria:
This assignment will be marked out of 8 marks – the breakdown is indicated below.
The mark counts for 8% of the final mark (out of 100).
Criterion Mark Standard
(2 marks):
Readability, layout,
structure, spelling,
grammar; topic for later
assignment clearly
2 Highly professional report with proposed topic of the Literature
Review assignment clearly identified and relevance to system
safety engineering clear
1 Good presentation with some presentation faults
0 Poorly prepared work with major presentation faults
Summaries of papers
(3 marks)
3 Excellent summary of each paper and its potential relevance to
the chosen topic
2 Good summary of each paper and relevance
1 Generally ok summaries of papers, but with some significant
0 Seriously inadequate description of papers
Use of references
(3 marks):
Breadth & depth of
literature search clearly
demonstrated and
references cited
3 Excellent choice of references; full bibliographic details given in
IEEE style
2 Good choice of references, well cited
1 Significant deficiencies in use of references and/or citations
0 Seriously inadequate evidence of literature search

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