Team Management Plan

Assessment Name: Team Management Plan
Description: This assessment will involve developing a Project Team Management Plan and providing rationale for the plan.




You are required to create a report on developing a high performance project team using a planned approach. You are required to provide a rationale for the plan. The report is to be in a “essay or report format” The report is expected to use the frame of being in a scenario where a senior manager has come to you with the following:


“I know that you have been studying Project Management at University and I’ve been reading about high performance project teams. Could you do a report for me outlining how we could develop a high performance delivery team in the next major project”. 


The report would show:


  1. The Key ingredients of a high performance team.
  2. The recommended strategies and rationale to implement the high performance team
  3. How process risk would be addressed
  4. How the plan would be developed, monitored and controlled.


You will also be required as a team to meet with “a senior management board” made up of unit lecturers. This meeting will take place following the submission and will be in the format of a “discussion” where senior management will be looking to assess:


  1. Clarity around the report as necessary
  2. How this group worked as a high performance team in developing the report.

Your reflective journal and group tools would be an aid to this discussion.


You are to review the literature and write an assignment that;


  1. Shows a logical approach.
  2. Addresses the issues that would be appropriate for the plan.
  3. Shows an application to practical Project Management.
  4. Makes recommendations applicable to project management.


In you analysis


Word length – 3500 – 4000

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