Ted Bundy

Topic x Develop a case description of Ted Bundy using all available resources

(journal articles, text books, books, media reports, newspaper articles,

research articles etc).

x Make sure that you obtain information outlining the experience of that offender

from childhood to adulthood.

x Integrate the psychological research and theory that might explain why this

person offended.

Preparation x Go onto BlackBoard under the ‘Assessments’ tab and watch the

presentation explaining exactly what is involved in developing a Case


x Develop a sound understanding of the life experience of the offender.

x Identify life events or circumstances that might have contributed to the

tendency to offend (eg : neglected as a child).

x Explore the psychological research and theory that suggests these factors

contribute to offending (eg: literature on attachment and child neglect).

Expectations Do not just write a biography about your chosen offender. You are to use research

and theory to develop a hypothesis about the causes of that offender’s behaviour.

Please do not use the ‘sociological’ theories you have learnt about in Criminology –

this unit only uses the psychological theories.

Criteria You will be marked according to how extensively and well you have integrated

psychological theory and research, as indicated on the marking rubric provided.

Word count 2500 words

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