Question 1


  1. Visit the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court in Melbourne (for Melbourne students) or the Local Court in Sydney (for Sydney students).
  2. Attend one hearing in the civil list involving a business.

iii. Submit a report including a discussion on the following matters:


*Your experience at Court (eg. How did the Court make you feel? What improvements would you make to Court?)

*The layout of the hearing room (eg. What physical features were in the room?)

*The personnel in the hearing (eg. What titles and roles were given to those in the hearing?)

*The types of cases heard by the civil list?

*How one commences and defends an action in the Court?

*The facts of the case you heard (eg. About what was the case?)

*The law governing the case (eg. Provide a discussion of the relevant Act(s)). You will need to research this point)

*How was the law applied in this case? (eg. Provide a discussion of the arguments raised by the parties.)

*The outcome of the case (eg. What was decided? Who won? Why?)

* Your view on the outcome (eg. Did you believe it was a fair decision? How would you have decided the matter and why?)

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