the concepts of creativity and design are core to event management

Assessment 1 (10%) – Early assessment – Learning Outcome 1 & 2 Title: The concepts of creativity and design are core to event management. Word limit: 400 to 650 words Due date: Week 5, 19th August You are required to write a research-based report. You must utilise the following two information source types: 1) A formal news aggregator (either ANZ Newsstand or Factiva) and 2) Articles from peer reviewed academic journals. Formal referencing in-text and in a reference section is required. A maximum of 3 out 10 marks can be deducted for poor referencing. Part 1 of Report (150 to 225 words) Use ANZ Newsstand or Factiva to find three news reports. One should be about a festival, one should be about a professional sport event and one should be about a business conference. One of these events should be outside of Australia. None of reports should be more than one year old. What needs to be in part one of the report: 1) Introduce each event and, for each, explain what the focus of the news story is in relation to the event (50 to 75 words for each event) (3%). Do not cut-and-paste the information. Part 2 of Report (200 to 300 words) What needs to be in part 2 of the report: 2) With reference to two or more refereed journal article(s) (see tutorial three/library resources) you need to find two academic definitions of creativity. For two of the events identified, explain how creativity was applied to each event by the organiser(s). Use one definition of creativity for one event and the other definition for the other event. (100 words for each event) (4%). Part 3 of Report (150 to 225 words) What needs to be in part 3 of the report: 3) Find one refereed journal article with an academic definition of design. Use it to explain the importance of design to the visitor experience for the third event (the one not discussed in part 2) (3%). Ensure that the articles are referenced correctly – both in-text and in the reference section. Remember, quotes require the page number of the quote.

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