The effect of project management on project success across different industry or business sectors.

Business Project Management

Based on the learning of project management basics from weekly classes, this assessment requires students to independently conduct research on project management literature, so to clearly define key concepts, identify and critical analyse relevant studies and themes for developing and supporting your arguments in relation to the assigned topic. You will then able to discuss and make a brief conclusion.


Assignment Topic: The effect of project management on project success across different industry or business sectors.


Suggested structure:

Your theoretical paper will consist of, but not limited to the following sections:

  • Introduction which clarifies your interpretation of the topic, the focus (es) and justification(s) of your research, i.e., what aspects of project management to focus on etc. This then leads into the following sections.
  • Body of text – Based on your literature review, this part of your assignment will: define the key concepts for your arguments, such as the definition and measures for project success; develop logic arguments in relation to the assigned topic; critically analyize the key research themes and studies identified, discuss their managerial implications if applicable. Use subtitles to make it clearer.
  • Conclusion is required to briefly reiterate the key arguments and key findings of your research and analyses above, your suggestions for managerial applications and future research, where appropriate.
  • References –You are required to carefully review project management literature and appropriately cite a minimum of 15 academic references using Harvard referencing style. Students must distinguish clearly between their own words and opinions from those sources. Failure to provide appropriate citations including the reference list at the end of your text will result in severe penalties up to and including assignment of a grade of zero on the assessment. The list of references should include only material cited.


  • Format:
  • Maximum word-count: 3000 words, not including Cover-page, reference list, 
Graphs, or Appendices, if used. Words in tables within the body of the text will be counted. Exceeding the word limit will result in a deduction of marks. You may include material as appendices, but this will not be marked.
  • The paper should be typed, in 12 point font size, Times New Roman or Arial font style, 1.5 line spacing and 2.5cm margins all around.
  • Number all pages, including pages in appendices if used. Include an assignment cover sheet, a title page and a table of contents


Marking Guide:

Each part of your paper will be assessed on its logic, clarity and coherence. You are expected to write in a clear and concise manner. Demonstration of quality research, logical arguments and critical analysis is essential.

  • Introduction (10%)
  • Body (summary of literature, analyses and discussion)
  • Research and summary of the literature (30%)
  • Critical analysis (30%)
  • Quality of argument (10%)
  • Conclusion (10%)
  • Overall presentation including referencing format (10%)


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