The implications of Brexit to an organization


For an organisation of your choice, discuss the implications of Brexit. When discussing Brexit, break the uncertainty of the future negotiations down to possible economic contexts of a Brexit world. Consider the importance of factors such as labour migration, international market access and globalisation.

  • Remember that organisations are broadly defined and include not only businesses but also (for example), non-governmental organisations, charities (for example: the university), governments, and supra-national bodies such as the EU.
  • You may look at a local organisation in Leicester, a company you know or have already some experience with.
  • Better marks will be awarded to those answers, which are able to provide some projection for the future options of the organisation in the political economic environment of Brexit, rather than to those essays, which simply narrate a particular organisation’s activities.
  • Better marks will be awarded to those answers, which provide evidence of the link between the different scenarios for the Brexit political economy and the organisation under scrutiny.
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