The Influence of Culture on Mental Health

find at least one primary source and at least one secondary source to base your research upon.
– In your essay, you should address the following topics and questions:
• What is the general background of your topic? (i.e. What happened? Who was
involved? Why is your subject a significant topic in the history of Mental Health in American
• How did people debate, discuss, and think about your topic when it originated?
• How have historians debated, discussed and thought about your topic?
• Finally, what does your research contribute to the existing scholarship on your topic?
And what does your research ultimately reveal about mental health and American society?
General Guidelines
You should support your analysis and research with evidence and quotations from your primary
and secondary sources and present a clear, structured, and thoughtful argument. Include a thesis
statement, topic sentences, paragraphs, a conclusion, and proper grammar and punctuation. Cite
your evidence using APA.
Additional general formatting guidelines: margins should be no larger than 1 inch on all sides;
include page numbers on the bottom of each page; double space; and use size 12 Times New
Roman font.
Topic : The Influence of Culture on Mental Health

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