The introductory concepts of cruise tourism

Assignment 1 is a 2000 word Essay on the Cruise Industry – The introductory concepts of cruise tourism
It comprises 20% of the course assessment and it comprises a study of a Cruise Line nominated by you.  Its format is hard copy, 2000 words, 12 point font, 11⁄2 line spacing. Figures, maps, tables and photographs are encouraged for illustrative purposes and all pages should be numbered.
Learning Outcomes and Graduate Attributes
The following graduate attributes will be developed in this assignment – Enterprise, Initiative and Creativity; Professional Knowledge; and Communication.
Before attempting to answer this assignment you are expected to have read some of the suggested cruise books. You should also have searched for appropriate information in the library, have read several other texts or papers on the topic, and be familiar with general assignment writing guidelines. Please note that overall I am looking for your own thoughts, ideas and understanding of the topic. Therefore, please demonstrate this in your answer rather than just copy out notes and/or lots of quotes.
Assignment Instructions
This essay should present your understanding of the introductory concepts of cruise tourism. The assignment should be written up in approximately three distinct parts. The first should introduce the cruise ship industry within the context of tourism generally. The second part will comprise an overview of the two major cruise corporations Carnival Corporation and Royal Caribbean Cruises. The third part of the essay should provide an overview of ONE particular cruise line of your choice.

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