The Iranian revolution of 1979 represented a truing point in the region. Explain what happened and its consequences.

  1. The Iranian revolution of 1979 represented a truing point in the region. Explain what happened and its consequences.


Your answers must include both evidence (primary sources) and interpretations (secondary sources).


Do use books/ebooks and journal articles from libraries. At least 4-6 books or ebooks and 8-9 journal articles are required.  


Write a 1750 word essay answering the question. In this essay you are expected to demonstrate your skills at RESEARCH and ANALYSIS. You must use primary and secondary sources that you have found yourself in libraries or through good online sources.


Your essay is expected to have an argument and answer the question. It should not be just description of events.


Do not use unscholarly internet sites such as Wikipedia,,, or others aimed at high school students. Also be aware that there are a vast number of websites on these topics, be selective and critical in your choice of sources.


You will not find sufficient resources by solely using the results of Google searches.


  • Use 1.5 spacing
  • Use a readable font eg. 12 point Times New Roman or Arial



Reference using footnotes and the Oxford system of formatting footnotes and bibliography.


You should have about 20 footnotes



The introduction 


In 100 words explain the topic in detail and about will each paragraph will cover.

  • General
  • Brief background or contextual information
  • Focus attention on central theme
  • Specific
  • (Organisation of essay)


Body Paragraphs


In 900 words explain what happed and in 700 words explain the consequences


  • Does each paragraph have ONE idea which is expressed clearly at the beginning?
  • Is this TOPIC sentence relevant to the central argument?
  • Is the information within a paragraph organized?
  • Are all sentences in the paragraph
  • relevant
  • specific
  • sufficient in number?
  • Is this information the product of academic research?
  • Does it reflect important themes covered in the subject?


Essay Paragraphs
One main idea per paragraph

  • T
  • E
  • E
  • L
  • Topic sentence stating the paragraph’s main point
  • Evidence (properly cited from your research)
  • Explanation and analysis of the evidence
  • concluding sentence
  • Linking back to your main argument and making a Logical progression to your next point



The Conclusion


In 50 words summaries the essay don’t add new info.


Reference back to the question & your argument statement

  • Summary of key points made
  • in reaching your positiongeneral
  • Possible implications
  • or further issues
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