The nuclear Non-­‐Proliferation Treaty

You are an analyst working in an international NGO that conducts independent

research into issues of international law. You have been asked to prepare an analysis

on one of the specific cases below. This will take the form of a report that is targeted

at policy-­‐makers, practitioners working in the field, and academics who are

interested in the case at hand. There are a number of things your analysis must


1. Your report must outline the context in which you’re considering the issue,

including the relevant international legal and normative frameworks, relevant

historical context, and the international political context.

2. It must consider the major actors and interests involved in the issue. This involves

identifying key states and their roles in relevant international processes, as well as

exploring the role international organizations, both inter-­‐ governmental and non-

­‐governmental, play in relation to the issue at hand.

3. You must provide an analysis of what the current ‘state of affairs’ is in relation to

the aspect of international law that you’re considering. What are the important things

the reader must know about what is currently going on in relation to your specific

topic? What are the major challenges and critiques facing the legal frameworks /

organizations / institutional bodies at hand in terms of the development or

implementation of the law at hand? How effectively are Subject Learning Guide –

POL3ILO Bundara 2015 Page 8 of 31 School of Humanities and Social Sciences they

achieving the ends they were designed to achieve? And to what extent are states

supporting the development of international law and international organizations in this


4. You must discuss the prospects for the future in relation to the case at hand. This

involves providing recommendations about how the key actors can address the

challenges and obstacles you’ve identified. You should outline the goals you

recommend they work towards, in the context of your earlier analysis.

Choice one topic below:

1. The nuclear Non-­‐Proliferation Treaty .

2. The Responsibility to protect doctrine

3. The International Criminal Court

4. The African Union and its moves towards developing an  African  Criminal


5. The UN Convention on the Law of the Sea

6. The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change

7. The 1951 Refugee Convention

Please remember that this is an analytical task – you  cannot just provide a description

of the history of the case you’ve chosen. Also remember that your job is to provide an

analysis of the current state of affairs, so avoid focusing too heavily on the historical

narrative.   The four elements of the task will be weighted equally; however they will

not necessarily require the same amount of words.  It is up to you how you choose to

organize your report – remember that it is not an academic essay, but rather an

analytical report intended to inform relevant policy-­‐makers and practitioners

involved in the field you’reexamining.

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