The  rising conflict between the United States and North Korea

Use theoretical and analytic tools to help explain the  rising conflict between the United States and north Korea in relation to international politics, the page should be 6 pages in include the following.

Theoretic tools use 3 of the following


Alliance reliability Hegemonic stability Interdependence
Balance of power Security dilemma Nationalism
Collective security Legal systems Norms
Containment Ideology Polarity
Dependency Misperception Power transition
Deterrence Realism Public opinion
•   Rally ‘round the flag Reciprocity Rational actor
Comparative advantage Democratic peace theory Prisoner’s dilemma
Bureaucratic politics Imperialism Heidegger’s rule
Diversionary theory Interest groups Norm entrepreneurs


Analytic tools use 3 of the following


Conditional probabilities Interaction effects •   Scope of an explanation
Contingency tables Levels of analysis (time, region…)
Distribution of cases Logical consistency Shapes of relationships
Game theory Magnitude of effects (linear, inverted-U, …)
Historical examples Necessary and sufficient Statistical correlations
Independent and conditions Trade-off relationships
dependent variables Patterns in data Unobservable cases



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