uber in China competitive advantage positioning in the market business model marketing strategy innovative pricing method

Students are to read the case study and answer the following questions which relate
to the case study.
1- List and analyse the major services provided by Uber in China (2 marks)
2- What is Uber’s competitive advantage? (2 marks)
3- What is Uber’s positioning in the market? (2 marks)
4- Explain the business model and strategy Uber has employed in China (2 marks)
5- How is Uber’s e-business marketing strategy innovative? (2 marks)
6- What is the main pricing method used by Uber ? (2 marks)
7- What are the business motivations for buying Uber’s services? (2 marks)
8- Compare the services offered by Uber with those offered by one other main
competitor (2 marks).
9- Should Uber follow the steps of those leaders (competitors) who were trying to
effectively buy a greater market share through more generous spending, or should it
instead seek another way to gain consumers and, most importantly, profit from its
business? Discuss using leading industry and academic sources (at least 4). (4

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