Understanding and Managing Diversity

Understanding and Managing Diversity

Assessment Task No 1: Individual Essay

This is an overview of the assessment task and expectations of students to successfully

complete the task.

Length: 1500 words


For this assessment, you will need to explore one particular form of diversity

that interests you, describe it, discuss how it relates to tourism and hospitality (no more than

500 words) and consider the benefits and gains to businesses in the industry accepting and

embracing this form of diversity, and the costs and consequences to businesses of not

accounting for this form of diversity.

In outlining the form of diversity that you have chosen, you need to consider what actions a

tourism and hospitality business would need to take to cater for this type of diversity in the

workplace and also in it’s operations.

In addition you will be required to provide a 2 minute synopsis of your work presenting the

pros and cons of being aware of this form of diversity for businesses in the tourism and

hospitality industry to the group in a tutorial session.

Criteria used to grade this task

The criteria for the assessment task are:

 Description of the form of diversity of interest

 Discussion of benefits and gains from accounting for this form of diversity in tourism

and hospitality businesses

 Discussion of costs and consequences to businesses not accounting for this form of

 Discussion of actions businesses could take to improve their position in this form of

 Standard of writing of the essay, including grammar, clarity of language, structure,

citation technique (APA style), referencing, and quality of insights generated.

 Quality of your 2 minute summary

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