Understanding factors that influence shopping mall behaviors

Desk Research

In this assignment you are required to write a desk research report/literature review on shopping mall behavior.


The Question is: Understanding factors that influence shopping mall behaviors.

I would select the AGE FACTOR in this assignment.


Few more additional points for direction


  1. Clear introduction
  • The write-up should clearly state the research questions/statement.
  • Clearly statement of the purpose of literature review


  1. Adequate background research
  • Provide an overview of what has been written on a topic
  • Provide an overview of key concepts
  • Inclusion of any theory that you have identified in your search


  1. Description of the approach
  • Description of the process followed in reviewing of the literature
  • Description of sources


  1. Discussion
  2. Themes
  3. Chronology
  4. Debate between Schools of thought
  • I would recommend to you any two of the above two approaches

Example : How does shopping behavior influenced by age ?

                 Who spend more money ( adult, older people, ext. ) ?

  1. Conclusion
  2. Identifying gaps
  3. Contributions
  4. Direction for future study
  • All three aspects must be covered


  1. Logical presentation of thoughts, clarity of thoughts and expressions.


  1. Overall discussion and arguments. –flow, grammar, report/write up presentation
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