Use quantitative data to perform meaningful descriptive analysis, cross comparison and evaluation

The accompanying excel sheet provides a rich collection of industrial data for different countries in the Middle East. Groups are required to study this data and to develop important areas for analysis and evaluate their chosen areas using the statistical techniques covered in this course.
Some examples for possible areas for analysis are given below:
• Example 1. Comparison of the two industries
– Calculate percentage increase or decrease in each industry.
– Use trend analysis to show increase/decrease over the years.
– Use bar graphs to compare performance of the two industries.

• Example 2. Inter-country comparison
– Calculate Mean where possible.
– Use bar graphs to compare two or more countries on multiple variables.
– Pie charts can be used to illustrate the distribution of the variables (like establishment, employees, wages, etc.) across the two industries:

• Example 3. Organization / Product Wide Comparison
– Construct and analyze frequency distribution of establishments in the two industries
– Construct and analyze frequency distribution of products in the two industries

Submission and Weightage
All groups must submit an Excel Sheet carrying their analysis and present their results to the class on
• Deadline: December 10, 2015.
• Weightage: 20%

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