Volkswagen Case Analysis

Volkswagen Case Analysis Guidelines
Turn in a written analysis (5 page minimum, 10 page maximum, 12 font TNR, Double-spaced.
Key Components of the case analysis:
• One: Summarize the case situation
• Two: Define the key issues and major problems
• Three: Identify the causes
• Four: Develop at least 3 alternate solutions
• Five: Decide which is the best solution
• Six: Conclusion and future direction
Ask yourself why in all instances in which a statement is made. You need to offer evidence to back up your conclusions. Do not rely on unsupported opinions and overgeneralizations, as substitutes for logical arguments backed up with facts and figures. Do not use phrases such as “I think,” “I feel,” and “I believe.”
Avoid general statements such as “the organization should do more planning” or “the company should be more aggressive in marketing its product.” For instance, do not simply say “the firm should improve its market position” but state exactly how this should be done and the expected consequences.
1. Make sure the sections of your discussion flow logically and smoothly from one to the next.
2. Avoid grammatical errors and spelling errors. Points will be deducted. Use a 12 point font, Times New Roman, and double space.

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