volkswagen company ethic

Volkswagen Group of America, Inc.
Volkswagen faces fines from the government, condemnation from the society, spending on safety recall, but the most critical consequence on the cheating scandal is loss of trust from both customers and the public. The goal of this proposal is to improve company ethic and regain trust from both customers and the public.
1) Convincing a Problem/Improvement
-the Volkswagen’s cheating on emission-test scandal causes trust loss in both its customers and the public
-how does it affect the trust from customer/ why should customers care
-if trust was not regained, it would have a negative impact in Volkswagen’ future development such as customer demand.
2) Solution
-the first step of regaining social trust is to pay off fines from government and schedule safety recalls for its customers in order to show their sincerity and effort on making up for their mistakes
-new business strategy need to be developed in order to divert social attention, so gradually society might pay less attention on the scandal and its dishonesty.
-other than schedule safety recalls which is making up for their mistakes, Volkswagen would like to develop their own new technology on air-pollution control system. They need to show the public that they are moving forward in a positive way.
3) Counter-Argument
-the solution may be too costly in time. Why not choose to buy tech from other company (ex. Blutech from Mercedes).
-however, regaining trust is the most important thing for Volkswagen. Without trust between the company and its customers, Volkswagen could not survive in today’s competitive automobile industry because less people would like to buy cars from a company that has cheated on government.
typical thesis paragraph
no further intro for the company
Problem description
Solution description
Need to include time and budget
Budget need to breakdown on how you spend the money
Need to include counter argument

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