What is a Research Paper?

A research paper..

A research paper can be defined as an extended essay which gives one’s argument or assessment or explanation. It enables one to traverse the research journey by developing a research question and thesis, undertaking the research, putting down the paper and authenticating the sources appropriately.

The research paper has the following format:

Title Page










Steps of writing down a Research Paper

  1. Set the objective – Select a topic & compose a thesis statement
  2. Research and take the notes
  3. Make an outline – plan the order of points
  4. Write down the initial draft – based on the contents of the outline
  5. Edit the paper
  6. Add References/bibliography and appropriate citations
  7. Format the paper – Depends on the indicated style (MLA/Harvard/MLA/Chicago/Oxford)
  8. Proofread the final paper – correct grammar, spelling, errors etc
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