What is a term paper

What is a term paper?

A term paper is a piece of writing that is assigned to students at the end of a semester or a term. The educational purpose of writing a term paper has at least several goals: first, it serves as training grounds in academic writing; second, it hones students’ research and writing skills; third, it prepares students for the later stages of their academic life – for writing their subsequent research projects, including BA/MA level dissertations. Furthermore, term paper writing also helps to aggregate the knowledge obtained during the course and learn to apply it in practice.

As it has been previously stated, a term paper is often the culmination of an important academic course. Even if it doesn’t entirely replace the final exam, it is very likely to have a significant impact on the grade you receive for the course. Whether the end of the term is near and time is scarce; or if you are not sure how to start, finish or document the citations in your term paper, or simply need your peace of mind for this particular assignment – we are here to help.
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