Why it is important to improve the business ethical behavior

Why it is important to improve the business ethical behavior




As business ethics is set of standards as to what is good or bad, or right or wrong in a person’s conduct in business area, it can easily see that the ethical behavior in the marketing place is extremely important. But the moral education for the business students are not widespread.



It will be argued that the status of business environment in current commercial field, and then talk about the status of business ethics in the marketing place and give some negative example for the unethical behavior in marketing place and summary their harm. According to the status of the business ethics is not thorough, it can clearly see the ethical education is important to business students.




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This essay will discuss:

·         The reason for some manager behavior unethical. (give example for unethical business)

·         The status of the business environment. (business ethics, moral education for business students)

·         It is important to prove the ethical education for business students





Topic sentence 1

(Your idea)

Nowadays, in today’s workplace, unethical behavior always occurs when people making the wrong decision making, that is why some manager behavior unethically.
Supporting point ·         Five reason for manager behaviour unethically

·         Explain why unethical behaviour is occurred.

·         Give negative example for the unethical behaviour in business


(Author, date, pp. )


·         (Majharul,2015)

·         (Nonis & Swift 2001)

·         (Woods, Christodoulidou, Yavas,& Vardiabasis,2013.)


Explanation/Analysis Explain why some manager behavior unethically, and give the example as the manager making the wrong decision making, the unethical behavior has been occurred in the workplace.
Topic sentence 2

(Your idea)

It can easy see the status of the business environment in the current life is needed to improve.
Supporting point ·         The status of the moral education for the business students

·         The status of the ethical behavior for students in workplace



(Author, date, pp. )


·         (Floyd, Xu, F, & Atkins, 2013)

·         (Resick, Hargis, Shao, P, & Dust, 2013)

·         (PIOTROWSKI & GUYETTE Jr 2014)

Explanation/Analysis Because the moral education in the business school is not perfect now, some of the business students couldn’t behavior well in their decision making. And give example.
Topic sentence 3

(Your idea)

According to the above, it can be clearly found that why ethical education is important in our society life.


Supporting point


·         The reason for ethical education is important

·         Encouraging ethical behavior

·         Improve the moral education for business students



(author, date, pp. )


(Khalid, Syed Agil,& Khalid, 2012)

(Floyd, Xu,& Atkins 2013)

Explanation/Analysis As unethical business behavior is bad for even manager nor customers, it is necessary to improve the moral education to purify the business environment.
Restate Thesis and summarise key points  


This essay include the status of the business ethics, and told the harm of the unethical behavior in business. Mentioned the why the ethical education is important.


Final comments or evaluation on topic



Because some of the manager behavior unethical, that makes the unethical business occurred in today’s workplace. It is helpful to encouraging ethical behavior and punish the unethical behavior to purify the business environment.




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