School of Science, Information Technology & Engineering

Assignment 1 – Workbook Completion



Due Date: (Refer to course description)


Type: Individual


Weightage:  20 %




Workbooks introduce you to core concepts by accessing web sites, videos, eBooks and other materials online – a method for self-paced exercise based learning. The weekly lectures for week 6, 7 and 8 will be used to clarify and discuss concepts covered in the corresponding workbooks.


This assignment involves you to complete the following workbooks:


    • Workbook for Week 6
    • Workbook for Week 7
    • Workbook for Week 8


In this assignment, the workbooks are designed to have two parts A and B:


  • The part A in the workbook will enable you in engage learning with constant feedback and support from the lecture/tutor. The exercises in this part basically introduce main concepts of the topics discussed in the lecture. The tutorial time is used to individually grade each exercise you do and provide immediate verbal feedback.  The tutor will mark all the exercises in part A in tutorial time. All the part A section in the workbook should be reviewed and graded by the tutor before the end of Week 10 tutorial.  After Week 10 no marks will be awarded for part A.


  • The part B in the workbook will enable you to do detail research and analysis of the topics with the information gained from part A and the corresponding lecture. This part may require out of scheduled classes for reading required reference materials. All the answers for the exercises in this part should have well cited article/videos. The videos cited should be uploaded by reputed company rather than by any individual.


Criteria for assessment:


The exercises in workbook will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  • Quality and depth of analysis
  • Quality of expression including grammar, spelling conventions
  • Quality of references and referencing
  • Completeness of exercise
  • Degree of effort




Separate submission of part A of the workbook is not permitted. In order words, part A alone cannot be submitted through email, Moodle or any other electronic means for grading before the submission date.  It should be graded in person by your tutor/lecturer before the end of Week 10 tutorials. The marks awarded by the tutor/lecturer for part A is only RAW (not final) and will be finalized only after your formal submission passes the plagiarism check.


Therefore, please note


Both parts A and B should be submitted before the due date in Moodle using the submission link.  Ask your tutor if you have any doubts.


You are required to submit a single zip file that contains the three completed workbooks.  Please name your zip file as follows:

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