Workforce planning

Workforce planning within your organisation is a major issue.  The Managing Director has tasked you to undertake a project to explore the current situation so that a plan can be put in place.

You and the Managing Director recently had a detailed meeting so that you would understand exactly what he wanted you to do.  Please review your notes from the meeting below:

Meeting  – Workforce planning project

I need to create a report covering both internal and external factors.  He wants as a minimum the report to cover…….

An analysis of our internal labour:

·       Turnover – what is it year to date? How does that compare to last year?

·       Staff mix – how many casuals/part time/full time do we have?

·       Skill sets – what skills and knowledge we currently have on payroll?

·       What do we need to meet the strategic objectives over the next 12 months? How many staff? With what skills?

·       How are we doing on labourspend against plan?

·       Are we an employer of choice? If yes what do we do that we should continue? If not what can we do?

·       Are we paying any overtime?

·       Is our workforce diverse enough?

·       What do exit interviews tell us about why staff leave?

·       Do we have a succession plan in place for all positions?

·       Is anyone leaving or retiring soon that we know of?

·       What contingency plans do we have in place to deal with staff shortages?

Analysis of external labour market:

·       What trends in the external labour market affect us?

·       Is their labour with required skills available?

·       Where can we source labour from?

·       Is there training going on that will increase pool of labour?


As you can see within your notes the conversation didn’t follow any clear path.  Your task now is to create a report for the managing director that answers all of the above questions in a structured manner

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