Workplace Issues, Capitalism, care ethics

Choose one of the four topics below, and write an essay that addresses the topic, takes a position, & defends it with reasons.
Construct an argument for or against free speech in the workplace. Issues to think about include, but are not limited to, the right to voice one’s opinion without fear of retribution and whether speech that incites violence or hatred should be allowed. Use ethical theory to justify your position.
Dr Edward Younkins, Professor of Accounting and Business administration at Wheeling Jesuit University in West Virginia, argues, “By protection individual choice, capitalism not only generates enormous wealth, but also creates an environment in which virtue can flourish. In the end, capitalism is not only the most productive and efficient economic system. It is also the most moral economic system”.(cited in Sansbury,G Barry,V & Shaw,W 2013 Moral Issues in Business 2nd Ed, Cengage Learning Australia pg 152)
Do you agree that we have a moral obligation to care for those with whom we share some sort of relationship? What might be some of the benefits of doing so? What might be some of the disadvantages of not doing so?

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