Workplace Safety

Workplace Safety
Assume you are a manager in McDonalds.
1. Develop a risk chart that identifies all risk areas in the store.
The risk areas should include all areas that are focused on
employees as well as the general environment.
2. Discuss how you will combat possible high risks hazards from
your risk register.
3. Present your findings to class and inform the class of the
methods to overcome the risks.
4. Create a flowchart of emergency procedures that you would
put into place in the event of a fire at McDonalds.
5. Create a process for ongoing evaluation of the potential
hazards identified at McDonalds
Q6. There are four areas regarding hazardous substances that we need to keep in mind when you discuss
employees’ and work place safety.
– Firstly you need to identify all hazardous substances that can pose a threat to employees
and the work place environment. For example a checklist with all relevant substances
should be made. The checklist should have the name, ingredients and PLU number (product
identification number) of the product clearly mentioned. The PLU number of a product is at
the bottom of the bar code on the product.
– The second step involves the information system(s) that is needed to inform staff of all
hazardous substances and the danger of mishandling these substances. For example a
training session for employees regarding these hazardous substances is important.
– Employees should also be trained in substance spill control. All procedure steps that are
involved in controlling the accidental spill of any of these substances. The risk to the work
place environment and employees should be noted and spill control measures should be
according to specific characteristics of the individual substances. For example some
chemicals are more dangerous than others are. This does not mean you can ignore safety
regulations but the level of toxicity will demand different levels of measurement in handling
these substances.
– Correct storage of hazardous substances should always be according to Occupational Health
& Safety standards. Companies do not implement their own storage procedures but have to
implement Work Place Safety standards regarding the laws and regulations for storage of
hazardous substances. Employees should be safe guarded against hazardous substances

that are not stored properly and the structural work place environment should also be
protected against these substances in case of accidental spillage.
Discuss/write any three hazardous substances you find in supermarket of your choice.
Use the above 4 areas of hazardous substances control and
discuss how the applicable supermarket is controlling the
substances in the work place
Q7. In order for you to answer this activity you need to research any company of your choice
and discuss/write the emergency procedures that in place in the company. If you do not
have a company of choice chooses a food store.
Q8. Research and establish the OH&S requirements for the following two business types:
o A business manufacturing paint.
o A business selling (retailer) the manufacturing paint products.
Note: You need to note the generic OH&S standards and the OH&S standards that specific to
each work place environment.

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