1. Introduce myself (1 page)-I’m a Chinese. And I’m a boy. Introduce my basic details and my personality suitable my dream job Advertising Creative Director in IT career (Why the Advertising Creative Director will be my dream job?).
  2. Introduce my dream job (1 page) – use media and picture and 3 sentence to introduce the dream job, my dream job is Advertising Creative Director in IT career.


Post: (500 words each other and about my dream job-Advertising Creative Director in IT career)

  1. One new blog topic that should include at least two posts (maximum 500 words each). Remember, your blog posts are different to your additional WordPress page. How? Well, your blog posts provide your opinions/reflections about a topic that is of interest. So for example, thinking back to the student that wants a career in fashion PR – they may write about why wearable technologies are the next big thing in fashion , OR, perhaps a reflection regarding global fashion trends. These blog posts DO NOT have to relate to the digital world. These blog posts are about topics that fascinate you, and you have an opinion about AND are strategically able to gain the interest of your dream employer. The posts that are going to get the highest marks, will be the ones that connect the student to the employer though rich and compelling content, and clearly demonstrate a cohesive brand strategy.


  1. A LinkedIn page: you may already have a linked in page – you will need to do a FULL audit (guided in class) to ensure what you have now showcased on your WordPress site is consistent with how you want to position yourself in the employment market. Consistent messaging across media is essential. The class activity/audit (to be provided to FULLY ONLINE students via email) will guide your through the process. Your pages should be written in a style that is appealing and appropriate for the intended audience. Your content should be original and related to your personal brand.
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